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Coffee quality and trade marketing consultants for the coffee industry

Strategic Planning

We help international development organizations, coffee producing groups and commercial roasting businesses to identify and realize opportunities for improvement and growth

Design & Engineering

We consult with clients to help build new coffee production facilities or make improvements at existing ones

International Development

We assist NGOs and international development organizations to improve coffee quality and value at origin

Coffee Trade Marketing

We identify new markets and assist coffee producing entities and other companies to more effectively do business within the coffee industry

Quality Control

We analyze the sensory and objective cup quality of green and roasted coffee samples for diagnostic and marketing information

Value Chain Development

Our consultants improve processes, quality and brand marketing to increase the value of coffee throughout the supply chain

Providing coffee quality and trade consulting services for international development and commercial coffee businesses

La Colombe Coffee


La Colombe Coffee, one of America’s hottest specialty coffee roaster-retailers, chose CafeMakers to provide cup quality training sessions for its management and staff

Coffee Quality Institute

We provide coffee quality improvement, origin brand marketing and value chain development services for the Coffee Quality Institute’s ongoing international development projects

Case Study

Soyuz Coffee Roasting

Leading Russian specialty coffee roaster Soyuz Coffee Roasting chose CafeMakers to assist with design and development of their business from concept through launch

Case Study

Brazil Specialty Coffee Association

CafeMakers helped the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association to build its origin brand reach new buyers for top tier specialty coffees in North America

Case Study

Kaapi Royale Coffee

Indian producer and exporter of specialty coffees, including the world’s first Q Certified Fine Robusta

Case Study

HiLine Coffee

CafeMakers advises popular Nespresso-compatible coffee capsule maker, HiLine Coffee Company on coffee quality and the specialty coffee industry

Andrew’s got you covered



Proven Coffee Experience

Andrew has 14 years’ experience as a coffee consultant, cupper, buyer and quality trainer working for both coffee producing (farms, exporters, trade associations) and coffee buying (importers, roasters, retailers) organizations


Entreprenurial Ingenuity

Andrew applies the same ingenuity he used to build his multimillion dollar retail marketing business to your organization’s benefit


Global Experience & Visibility

He’s done business with coffee growers, roasters or retailers in more than 40 coffee producing or consuming countries and is one of the world’s most visible and widely quoted authorities on coffee topics

Internationally recognized coffee subject matter experts

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