We can help you to design a new roasting plant or improve quality control or effeciency of an existing roastery, anywhere worldwide.


Design and Engineering

  • Engineer and outfit complete specialty coffee roasting facilities from 100 tons to 10,000 tons annual production capacity
  • Advise on factory systems (roasting, grinding, packaging, automation, quality control laboratory)
  • Advise and document production processes, HAACP programs and quality standards for coffee buying, roasting and packaged products

Roasted Coffee Product Development

Design roasted product flavor profiles, single origin or blended coffee products and coffee roast profiles


Green Coffee Buying

Manage partially or completely outsourced client coffee buying and quality analysis programs for roasting operations worldwide


Roasting Training

Train management and staff on quality analysis, coffee buying, coffee roasting and roasting plant best practices


Brand Marketing

Develop wholesale or consumer brand concepts, advise on product, packaging, pricing and market strategy